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Géo-hydrosystèmes continentaux (GéHCO)

Unité de recherche

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Parc de Grandmont
37200 TOURS
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Informations générales

Structure(s) de rattachement :

UFR de Sciences et Techniques

Référence : E.A. 6293


Responsable(s) Composition de l'équipe Head of unit: Cécile Grosbois
Deputy head: Florentina Moatar

13 permanent researchers and teacher-researchers
6 PhD students


Axe(s) de recherche

Sciences et Technologies

Thèmes de recherche

  • Flow, gradients and contamination sources
  • Erosion, transfer, connectivity
  • Thermal regime and related bio-geo-chemical processes
  • Watercourse morphodynamics and solid transport


Field equipment
  • Solid transport platform
  • Isokenetic samplers: BTMA, Delft bottle, USBM 54, Niskin bottle
  • Hydrometric equipment: level, flow-rate, adcp velocity, piezometry
  • ES3 ODOM multibeam sounder
  • Leica HDS 3000 3D laser scanner
  • NRS quadriraft and UWITEC corer; ALLWAN submersible camera
  • COBRA percussion corer
  • IRIS INSTRUMENT junior SYSCAL purity meter
  • Fibre optics temperature monitoring
  • Multiparameter probes: temperature, turbidity, oxygen, pH, conductivity
  • TRIMBLE M3 automatic withdrawers, weather stations, full station

Laboratory equipment
  • THERMOELECTRON gas chromatograph
  • THERMOELECTRON atomic absorption spectrophotometer with flame and furnace
  • SHIMADZU solution and solid carbon-nitrogen analyzer
  • ESCIL litho-laminating bench; CILAS 920 laser micro particle sizer
  • CARELA rock splitter
  • MINOLTA 700D Spectrocolorimeter; BARTINGTON susceptibilimeter

Data banks & models
  • Hydrological modelling: MODFLOW
  • Modelling and spatial analysis: ArcGis (Arcview and ArcInfo licences)
  • Full France and/or regional (Loire) database:
- IGN (RGE) DB (French National Geographic Institute Geographical Reference System): ORTHO® DB, TOPO® DB, PARCELLAIRE® DB, ADRESSE® DB
- Geological and geomorphological DB geology and lithology (BRGM - Geology and Mining Research Institute), hydrography (Carthage® DB), SYRAH DB
- Environmental DBs: land use (Corine Landcover), Ground DB (INRA), Measuring network: thermal (RNT), hydrological (HYDRO bank), water quality (AE)
- Weather DB: SAFRAN
- Anthropogenic pressures DB: flow obstructions (ROE), STEP, industries


Coopérations internationales

  • National Institute for Scientific Research. Water, Earth, Environment - Quebec, Canada
  • United State of Geological Survey - USA
  • Institute for Environmental Studies, Amsterdam University - Netherlands
  • University of California - Berkeley, USA
  • Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
  • North Carolina University, USA
  • University of Bonn, Germany
  • University of Utrecht, Netherlands

Collaborations universitaires

Joint Research Units (UMR)
  • SYSIPHE Joint Research Unit, P. and M. Curie University
  • CITERES Joint Research Unit, University of Tours
  • LEHNA Joint Research Unit, University of Lyon
  • ISTO Joint Research Unit, University of Orléans
  • EPOC Joint Research Unit, University of Bordeaux
  • LTHE Joint Research Unit, University of Grenoble
  • LISAH Joint Research Unit, University of Montpellier
  • SAS Joint Research Unit, University of Rennes
  • LSCE Joint Research Unit, University of Versailles St Quentin
  • Chrono-Environment Joint Research Unit, University of Franche-Comté
  • GRESE Host Research Team, University of Limoges

Research and service bodies
  • IRSTEA Lyon
  • BRGM Orléans
  • INRA Orléans
  • ANSES Nancy
  • IRSN Cadarache
  • EDF Research and Development, Chatou
  • IRD Bamako
  • CETU Elmis

Public organizations in the water and environment sector
  • Office National de l’Eau et des Milieux Aquatiques (French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments), Ministry for the Environment; RDI Platform of the Loire Public Establishment
  • Water agencies: Loire-Brittany, Seine-Normandy, Rhône-Mediterranean-Corsica; Competitiveness clusters: DREAM-Centre region, AXELERA-Lyon
  • Voies Navigables de France (Navigable Waterways of France); GIP Loire-Estuaire

Coopérations industrielles

  • EDF, Nuclear Centre for Electricity Production
  • Environmental engineering offices: GéoHYD - Orléans, RIVES - Chinon, BRL - Montpellier, ARTELIA - Tours & Grenoble, SAFEGE - Tours
  • Deltares (Delft, Netherlands)